Learn to Play Pickleball @ Prescott

At Prescott School Community Center:  (3) weeks of classes that are 1.5 hours in length.  You will learn how to play the game, how to score and you will receive instruction through fun drills and games.  Check the website for the latest offerings.

Pro + ME @ Prescott

Play with your pickleball coach!  Drills 45 Min; Match play 45 Min.  Receive individualized attention while working on keeping your ball over the net!  Previous players have stated this class helped them improve!

Learn to play @ Fitzpatrick Collaborative

Stroke of the week and Learn to Play Pickleball will be offered in March.  Check the website often for updated listings. 

Kindergarten Tennis

Tennis is fun!  Start your kids early!  Offered at Prescott in January and March.  Will continue to run this outside in April at the Groton Country Club.  If interested, contact me.  

Groton Country Club:  8 dedicated Pickleball courts, 1 tennis court and backboards.  

Leagues, Tournaments, Round robins, structured play, Tennis for KIDS, Tennis for adults, LIVE Ball for Pickleball and Tennis will all occur!  Courts open 4/2/24.  Join today as a member!  For under $100 PAY 1x and then enjoy 7 months of recreation at no cost!  It's a win-win!

OTN Coaching: coaching you to keep the ball over the net.

Spring Forward

Classes & Drills set for March & April

Learn to play pickleball

In this class, you will learn how to play the game of the century- Pickleball!  I will supply paddles for your use (unless you own one) each week, figuring out what paddle fits your hand and style the best!

Group pickleball is one of the best ways to learn the game.  Play together/ Improve together!  

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Drill & Play Series

This class is geared to the player that has already taken a learn to play pickleball class. Match play will follow 1 hour instructional drills.  The link will send you to my email/ This is an offering that will be available at Prescott School Community Center and Fitzpatrick Collaborative.  When the link is available I will publish it.  

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This is a NEW offering!  This is geared to the player who is working on improving.  Each week the pro will play with 3-4 students, sharing tips for what has worked and how to become more effective in the game.  This is offered at Prescott School Community Center on Sundays in March.  Currently the class is FULL but if you would like to be notified when a new class is planned, use this link to contact me.  

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Spring Pickleball @ the Groton Country Club

Membership will save you $$$.

Become a member of racquets by joining.  Check out membership and signup today.  In March, you will need to access the Court Reserve app to schedule yourself for open play!  I look forward to seeing you there~

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Groton Country Club: Racquets

8 Dedicated Pickleball Courts
1 Tennis Court
1/2 court basketball

Picnic tables
Parking across from the courts

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Stay tuned for more information.  

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